Wound Management

Wound Management

Everyday caregivers around the world face many wound management challenges. These problems of wound management can vary from stopping bleeds, cleaning superficial wounds to treating complex or chronic wounds. Because biopolymers possess characteristics which are beneficial for tissue healing, they can assist in overcoming these challenges. Therefore using biopolymers as basis for hemostatic matrices, dressings or liquid wound washes will assist in the recovery of the patient.

BioMed Elements develops and manufactures biomaterials that can serve as intermediates for wound management products. BioMed optimizes the functionality and performance of the biomaterials so that they fit the desired application. The ideal biopolymer will be selected for each product. BioMed Elements uses their expertise and technology to meet your specifications.

Biopolymers for wound healing

Biopolymers enhance the healing mechanism of the body; in particular hyaluronic acid and alginate. Various biopolymers have proven to have regenerative, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic capabilities. Therefore patients suffering from difficult to heal or chronic wounds can benefit from biopolymers based wound management products.

Hemostatic Biomaterials

BioMed Elements’ biomaterials display hemostatic properties. The products have excellent fluid absorption capabilities and can assist in promoting the clotting cascade of the body. BioMed can vary the expansion degree, density, pliability and porosity of the biomaterials. Optimizing these parameters will increase the hemostatic performance of the biomaterial.

Valuable functional properties

• Anti-inflammatory
• Absorption of wound exudate
• Barrier forming; protection against bacteria and preventing infections
• Adapts to the contour of the wound bed
• Moisturizing capability
• Flexibility