Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering

Many biopolymers can be found in the human body and used for tissue engineering. Collagen and hyaluronic acid, for example, can be naturally found in cartilage, skin, eyes and in synovial fluid.

BioMed Elements has the capability to process biopolymers into various forms such as sponges, powders and gels. These forms are enzymatically broken down by the human body. Therefore these biomaterials are very suitable as scaffold or carrier for biologic material. In particular for regenerative biologic material like growth factors, tissue, cells or tissue/cell derived material. Biopolymers can add value to a wide range of innovative applications in regenerative medicine.

Injectable regenerative materials

Regenerative medicine is a popular field. Various synthetic materials, allograft tissues and other biological materials have proven to enhance the regeneration capabilities of the body. By combining these materials with biopolymers, an innovative and improved range of biological products can be developed.

BioMed Elements can add value to your regenerative materials. We can broaden the indication area of your product by combining it with a functional biopolymer form for instance. BioMed has been approach by several parties to combine their regenerative materials, like allograft bone, with our degradable gel. This gives the customer the opportunity to extend their product line with an injectable form of their product.