Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics

The market of medical aesthetics is growing rapidly. More and more people want to rejuvenate their appearance and are willing to undergo a medical aesthetic procedure to achieve this result.

In particular noninvasive procedures like dermal fillers are gaining popularity. These gel based products restore the volume of the dermis and minimalize wrinkles. Biopolymers like collagen and hyaluronic acid are well accepted materials that are used in dermal fillers.

BioMed offers their partners the opportunity to optimize the performance of biopolymer gels and moreover a customized solution for dermal filler development.


Biopolymers are loved because of their biocompatibility and biodegradability. BioMed Elements always selects their base material with respect to specifications and safety. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are biopolymers which are often used for dermal fillers and have been used and studied for over a decade.


Viscosity, homogeneity and smoothness are important parameters that need to be considered when reviewing the injectability and handling of dermal fillers. The gel needs to be smooth and homogenous to ensure that the gel can be injected evenly. Viscosity will determine if the gel can be easily injected with a syringe.
Furthermore different indications should be treated with different types of viscosities. A thicker gel will be used to increase the volume in the cheeks while a less viscose gel will be needed for increasing volume in the lips. BioMed will choose between several approaches and techniques to tune the viscosity of the biopolymer gels.

Viscosity and longevity are functionalities that are directly correlated. A change in viscosity will generally result in a change is degradation time. BioMed will look for the optimal balance between longevity and injectability. BioMed Elements can assist you in the development of the perfect product.


Longevity is a measure for the ability of the body to degrade the product and is the key performance indicator for dermal fillers. BioMed is able to tune the degradation speed of biopolymer gels. Therefore, we are able to prolong the visible effect of dermal fillers.