Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

BioMed Elements develops, manufactures and supplies biopolymer based biomaterials for customized solutions. We fabricate functional materials for areas such as wound management, aesthetics, orthopedics, tissue engineering and cosmetics. BioMed Elements offers fast and flexible R&D with consistent high quality. Our highly skilled R&D team is capable of finding customized solutions for each desired project and product. BioMed can improve product performance, extend the application area of your products and make new innovations possible.

Phased approach

When needed customized solutions, BioMed will divide your project into phases. Depended on the customers’ needs one or more phases can be applicable. In the first phase the feasibility of the product and project will be evaluate. When the project is found feasible, we will continue to the development phase. In this phase several test samples will be developed. The customer can evaluate and qualify these samples. Until the customer is satisfied the optimization will continue. When the specifications of the product are met on a R&D scale the process will be scaled up to a production process, which is phase 3. After the upscaling is finalized the manufacturing of the batch product can commence, phase 4.

BioMed Element is able to advise you every step of the way.

Phase 1: Feasibility

In this first phase BioMed will assess if the desired product design is feasible. In initial discussions BioMed Elements will determine your needs. We will advise you which biopolymer can add value to you product range. Whether you know the exact specifications of the desired product or only know how you like the product to preform, BioMed can help. In consultation with our clients BioMed will determine the desired specifications of the end product and select the most suitable biopolymer. Our team is very capable of translating performance requests into technical specifications. We will determine the requirements and evaluate if these specifications can be met.

Phase 2: Research & Development

After the design of the product is determined our in-house R&D team will work on the development of small scale pilot samples. In this phase the customer will have to chance to evaluate the sample. The required analysis will be performed to support the sample with quantitative data. The material is optimized until the customer is satisfied with the end-product.

Phase 3: Upscaling

In phase 3, if needed, the translation from R&D scale to production scale will be made.

Phase 4: Manufacturing

BioMed has the capabilities to set up, implement and implement the manufacturing of the described functional biomaterials. We have access to a high tech manufacturing facility. Currently we are working towards obtaining ISO-13485 classification and a GMP classified facility.