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BioMed Elements: Enhancing Nature

BioMed Elements develops and supplies enhanced raw biomaterials for the medical device and cosmetic industry. BioMed Elements has the technology to convert unstructured natural materials, such as sugars and proteins, into well-defined spherical (nano) particles.

With this technology, called “The BioMed Core Technology”, BioMed Elements can control the formation of these spherical particles in such a way that the chemical, biological and physical properties of the end-material are tuned to the final requirements demanded by the application. This gives BioMed Elements’ customers access to natural materials, but with the added control over functionality and specifications. This unique combination makes these natural materials useful for many more applications.

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Spherical Gelatin Particles, SGP?

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Spherical Gelatin Particles

One of the many examples of starting materials that can be used for the conversion to spherical particles by our technology is gelatin. Due to its biocompatibility, gelatin is a material that is frequently used for applications in the medical device and cosmetic industry, amongst other industries.

BioMed Elements is able to make these biodegradable Spherical Gelatin Particles (SGP) in commercial quantities while still being able to select the desired specifications, like the size of the particles (target specification range: 50 – 900 nm).

Independent of the grade (food to medical) and source of gelatin (e.g. bovine, porcine and fish) the same high product quality is achieved; Together with a low particle size distribution (PDI <0.100) and the reproducibility of each batch this results in the guarantee that BioMed Elements always delivers a product with a high quality standard.

BioMed Core Technology:

Biomed Elements_CoreTech_gelatin4

Gelatin (Source material)

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 BioMed Core Technology

Gelatin A-FC-bvb12-030-4_255nm_X10000_Zoomed_In

This electron micrograph shows
the spherical nano particles in our SGP-Powder

Currently we are able to manufacture four SGP-Forms:

• SGP-Sol*
• SGP-Sponge

• SGP-Powder
• SGP-Gel

*Sol = a colloidal suspension of very small solid particles in a continuous liquid medium.

• Customized SGP, Spherical Gelatin Particles, product

• Proof of principle within 4 weeks

• Short time-to-production due to unique scalable technique and specialized knowledge